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Looking for a job? Leave the 9 to 5, start a gig with Omni, set your own hours, and work from home.


As a gig worker with Omni, you are self-employed, working your own hours providing customer support.


What makes us different?


It’s simple: We pay for available time!  At Omni you can ACTUALLY make $14-$16/hour or more (top paying projects at $17.10/hour)! 

We have immediate openings, if you can get your application completed today, we can get you in to class as soon as next week (sometimes within a couple of days)! 


What’s next?


  1. Click on the link below for Gig Brand Ambassador, this is the first step for all of our opportunities.  
  2. Fill out the full application, this portion should only take a few minutes.
  3. Complete the video interview, this is quick and easy and can be done on your phone! 
  4. Select the client opportunity and class dates you want to move forward with
  5. Initiate your background check, you will be charged $19 (paid directly to the vendor)
    1. *This is the only fee you can expect to pay with Omni, we do not charge class fees or platform fees.
  6. Fill out paperwork - W9 (tax form), and a service agreement. 


That’s it, you are now ready to start your journey on the Omni Interactions platform!

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